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Warm saline intermediate waters in the Cretaceous tropical Atlantic Ocean – Figure 2: Benthic foraminiferal abundances and 18 O values of sites 1258 and 1260 for the time interval between 94.4 and 96.4 Myr. Abundances as individuals per gram dried sediment. Intervals 2 and.

We examined the temporal changes in the internal stresses and pore fluid pressures of a submarine mass transport deposit (MTD) in the Akkeshi Formation of the Upper Cretaceous-P

The Rime of the Ancient RPGer: Chrono Trigger – More recently, Hironobu Sakaguchi, now president of Mistwalker, claims that the Blue Dragon series is the successor to CT, owing to its lighthearted tone and the fact that it is a collaboration.

Sequence stratigraphy is one of the primary tools for the evaluation of sea-level change throughout Earth history and provides a powerful framework for re- gional and global correlation on multiple time scales (Haq et al. 1987, Hardenbol et al. 1998, Simmons et al. 2007).

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The African coelacanth genome provides insights into tetrapod evolution – Here we report the genome sequence of the African coelacanth, Latimeria chalumnae. Through a phylogenomic analysis, we conclude that the lungfish, and not the coelacanth, is the closest living.

The Bacchus Field, discovered in 2004, is a small borderline high-pressure-high-temperature (hpht) oil field 6.8 km east of the Forties Alpha Platform. The reservoir is Fulmar Sandstone with a rotated fault-block trap. The reservoir is typically thin (10-50 m) and difficult to image seismically. Compartmentalization was anticipated due to significant in-field faulting.

Groundwater monitoring of the deep aquifer for the. – The Crossrail project is a new underground railway through the heart of London. It will connect with 110 km of new or upgraded sections of surface rail to Reading, Shenfield and Abbey Wood. The route runs through typical London basin geology. ground investigations began during the 1990s and continued to 2012. A total of 1314 groundwater monitoring devices were installed and monitored at.

Microbialite resurgence after the Late Ordovician extinction – 1) that average 500 m in thickness allow a statistical assessment of microbialite distributions. Sequence O5 was not included in the analysis because it was deposited only in platform margin settings.

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Ancient DNA – DNA-sequence information can, in principle. work with because human DNA is almost ubiquitously present on old specimens and laboratory equipment. Owing to the technical difficulties, not all.

Fossils Versus Clocks – And so it went until a massive asteroid hit Earth about 66 million years ago, causing environmental havoc, climate change, and the worldwide extinction of non-avian dinosaurs [the Cretaceous-Paleogene.

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However, the role of explosive volcanic processes as active agents of mineralization remains unexplored owing to the fact that metals and. craters on the flanks of a stratovolcano. This sequence of.

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