Money Pays The Rent: Debt Colectors Love Foreclosure Deficiency Judgments

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PRTH / Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. S-4/A – January. – As of September 30, 2018, we had outstanding long-term debt of $352.2 million (compared to $283.1 million at December 31, 2017), an increase of $69.1 million, consisting of outstanding debt of $263.5 million under a credit facility with SunTrust Bank (including $2.7 million in current portion of long-term debt) and $88.7 million under a subordinated term loan (including accrued payment-in-kind (“PIK”).

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How Deficiency Judgments Work – Make Money Personal – A deficiency judgment is a legal order to pay off a loan balance after foreclosure or repossession. When a lender takes your property and sells it, the sales proceeds pay off your debt and any additional fees related to collection. But if the property does not sell at a price that’s high enough to satisfy the debt, you may still owe money.

How To Tell Debt Collectors To Pound Sand On Old Foreclosure. – 3rd party debt collectors buy bad debt, including deficiency judgments. So, even though they will claim you have to pay the judgment amount plus interest and fees, you don’t have to pay them!! If they want to make you pay, then they will need to validate the debt, and a copy of a judgment is evidence of a debt but not evidence that it is owed.

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Collection Methods – Davis-Stirling – If there is insufficient equity in the property, a deficiency judgment is awarded allowing the HOA to collect by sale of personal property, wage garnishment, rent levy, bank levy, etc. Timeline and costs are greatly reduced if owner fails to respond and HOA obtains a default judgment. Less expensive than judicial foreclosure.

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Paying the Debts of a Deceased Relative: Who Is Responsible. – After a relative dies, the last thing grieving family members may expect are calls from debt collectors asking them to pay their deceased loved one’s outstanding debts.According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, a surviving relative usually has no legal obligation to pay the debts of a family member who has died.

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